Koh-Kae’s Story

Koh-Kae on Okay! The story of Koh-Kae began in 1964 when Mr. Chookiat and Mrs. Jiraporn Ruayjareonsap came up with a magical recipe, creating a crispy roasted nut with a unique spicy coconut flavored coat. 

The sales were launched with the couple’s joint effort on a street corner in a town of Bang Khun Thian, and at first they were arranged from a three-wheeled street kitchen. The recipe delighted people, and that was the beginning of Koh-Kae’s story, which we can still enjoy. 

The unique recipe is still stored in a safe-deposit vault at our headquarters. It is a recipe that has not been copied, and so it is supposed to be! Years have passed, and the small three-wheeled street kitchen has grown to become the largest snack producer in Thailand. The story of success of the family company continues for the second generation. The business has expanded globally, and our unique and healthy nuts are enjoyed in more than 57 countries, no matter if a healthy snack or kitchens of aspiring home cooks are in question. 

Did you know that Koh-Kae nuts are great for flavoring and boosting nutritional value when used in baking or cooking? We strongly encourage you to give it a try and create your own favorite recipes!

Koh-Kae Suomi’s story began one January evening of 2015 in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Thailand, in a small village of Khanom, near the emerald green water of the ocean. Backpacker Malakoo (that is how Thai people pronounce Marko) dug out a can he had bought in a market for motorbikers, from his backpack, smiled at the little man, tasted and admired, saying to the gentle evening breeze “Koh-Kae is Okay!”. So now Mr. Malakoo, and Koh-Kae Suomi are eager to offer the very best things to all of us Finns, and not only Finns!

I think our nuts are overwhelmingly good, and everyone will surely find their own favorite taste! I welcome you cordially to our family, and I hope you will fall in love with our nuts, too. Let me tell you, Koh-Kae is Okay, and the values of our business that we cherish are paramount to us. We want to be proud of our products, our producers, and our employees, we care for the well-being of their families, and their education. This recipe is not secret, one does not have to keep it in a safe-deposit vault, but it belongs to all of us, and let it be present in everybody. 

Welcome to the world of Koh-Kae! 

Best regards, Mr. Malakoo

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