Koh-Kae Suomi

Koh-Kae Suomi

Only the very best is good enough for us! We believe that you deserve the very best, too, our dear customer! Throw away boring bags and grab a handy can! Koh-Kae’s crunchy, stunningly good and tasty nuts can be enjoyed while relaxing alone at home, going out with friends, as a snack at work or while going in for a hobby. Taste and appreciate our unique nuts, they are always delicious and healthy, no matter where you are.


Millions of people in over 56 countries have been charmed by high quality, crispness and unique tastes of Koh-Kae nuts. Taste, enjoy, and find your favorite flavors! Koh-Kae nuts are grown under the hot sun of Thailand on green plantations using organic farming methods. When you open a Koh-Kae can and enjoy our nuts, you can be sure of the highest quality of the product. Koh-Kae nuts provide you with a lot of protein and good fats to support your body and brain. Koh-Kae Suomi welcomes you to the world of healthy and delicious nuts.

Peanut – The Best Nut for Brains

Peanut is a real energy bomb that suits just about everyone! Peanuts are a great choice for those who like athletics, parties or leisure, for children, backpackers and vegetarians, as well as for pregnant women, as they protect development of the fetus. Peanuts contain fats that are essential for the brain, as well as folacin and vitamin E. Did you know that 100 g of peanuts contain about 20 g of protein and 14 g of saturated fat?

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